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EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) protects cells, which is the main material of Photovoltaic Solar Energy Panels. It prevents cells from corrosion over time. It actually creates a deaerated and vacuumed container. It extends the life of the cells by confining the cells in a capsule that is airtight and unaffected by external environments.

Therefore, panels that are not encapsulated with EVA Film are very short-lived. Even if they pass the factory tests successfully, if this application is done incompletely or unconsciously, the half-life of the cells will be faster and the performance guarantee given as 25 years will not make any sense.

Simply put, if you leave a white outfit unprotected, it will turn yellow in 1-2 years. That's why even textile products are stored in a vacuum.

In the selection of EVA, the transmittance of sunlight is also important. Although EVA protects well, on the other hand, it should have light transmittance close to 100%.

It is important that EVA does not degrade over time or be long lasting.

In fact, at this stage, we can realize what determines the life of the panel.

A quality Eva Film will protect a quality cell.

Thus, the expected life of the cell will be hundreds of years, not 25 years. As long as the other members protecting it are good.

The solar panel enters the lamination machine after all operations are done on the production line. Here, all layers are laminated to each other through EVA Film with a temperature of 180 degrees. EVA Film acts as an adhesive after 

 Evacall 410 FC

Evacall 410 FC

"Alt Katman (Arka Yüz İçin, UV Geçirgen)" ifadesi, ürünün arka yüzeyini kaplayan katmanın ultraviyole (UV) ışınlarını geçiren özellikte olduğunu belirtir. Bu katman, arka yüzeyin korunmasını sağlarken aynı zamanda güneş ışınlarının etkilerini azaltmaya yardımcı olur.

 Evacall 410T FC

Evacall 410T FC

"Üst Katman (Ön Yüz İçin, UV Geçirgen)" ifadesi, ürünün dış yüzeyini koruyan ve aynı zamanda ultraviyole (UV) ışınlarını geçiren bir katmanı tanımlar. Bu katman, ürünün estetik görünümünü korurken, güneş ışınlarının zararlı etkilerini azaltmaya yardımcı olur.

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